Thursday, December 15, 2011


Hi! Everyone who's anyone and has ideas seems to have a blog, so I thought I should have one too.

I'm a .NET programmer and avid gamer in Perth, Western Australia. I've been hobby programming in various versions of BASIC since I was seven, so getting into .NET was an obvious choice.

I have a lot of ideas about programming, many unrealistic but none not thoroughly considered (I very rarely get a full night's sleep), and feel like I need a place to put them down and expose them to the critical eyes of the world.

In particular, I've been thinking about functional programming in C# and VB lately, so I'll probably make a few posts about that. I think I'll alternate between the languages for each post, because I love VB but understand that most of the .NET blogging community prefers C#. At some point I might make a list of things that I like about each language, and describe a wishlist language that combines the best of both.

I also enjoy playing, designing and programming games and have a few hobby projects going, so I might talk a bit about those sometime too.

Coming up next: the obligatory monad post.

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